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Hand Made Candles For Men

About Us:

The Free Market aims to provide men with sophisticated scents using only the best quality ingredients.

Handmade candles for men are handpoured in the United States using the highest quality materials and safe ingredients. Each scent is handpicked to appeal to the most sophisticated of gentlemen as well as the most primitive fellows and their loved ones. Each one is made with just as much personality as you! 


Combines top notes of tobacco, cherry, mandarin orange and tarragon with middles notes of honey, rose, osmanthus over a caramel, amber, and musk to create this woody and sweet blend.

Combines top notes of lemon, lime, green apple and ozone with middle notes of cedar, jasmine, lavender and lily over a base of lavender and musk to create this clean and refreshing blend.

Combines top notes of coffee over a sugar and vanilla base to create this bold and refreshing blend.

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How Our Customers Feel:

"This is One of my favorite!! Don't get me wrong, they all smell amazing. But this one is....WOW!! I absolutely LOVE it. It's a suttle smell but an amazing one to say the least. Y'all should seriously get a few. ;)"
"I purchased the McKinley, Mr. Claus, and Louisville. All three scents were excellent! The scents are distinct, unique, and subtle, and aren't something you'd find in the typical Yankee Candle catalog. I especially loved the McKinley, as it really does smell like a campfire. "
"Heyyyy!!! These Mr Claus candles are amazing!!!! They have a hint of Christmas but not so much that you're overwhelmed. I would seriously recommend y'all get one, or two, or ten. ;)"

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